Volunteer Information

Parents – You are who makes the Lemoore Aquajets great! Please remember that at each meet we will need volunteers in several different areas. Meets cannot run without your help and support!

  • Timers:  This is our most popular position. We need timers for Home and Away meets.
  • Recorders:  We need recorders for Home and Away meets.
  • Runners:  These volunteers pick up the completed event slips from the recorders and take them to the score-keeping table.  You also help the computer person with whatever needs they may have.  This position is at the computer table next to the pool. Home Meets only.
  • Hospitality:  Plan and organize hospitality food for volunteers and coaches. Home Meets.
  • Head-Timer:  Operate 2 back-up stopwatches in case a Timer’s watch stops working.  This position is next to the lane dive-blocks.  Home-Meets position only.
  • Deck Parent:  Organize and monitor the swimmers while on deck. Home and Away Meets.
  • Ribbon Helper:  Help will be needed during Time Trials.
  • Non-Timer/Recorder Positions:  Hospitality organizer, food preparation, set-up or clean-up at events, sort ribbons into swimmer folders, etc. Contact us for more info.
  • Stroke & Turn Judges:  We need Stroke & Turn Judges for both Home and Away meets.

Please email us to let us know how you will help out.

To contact Lemoore Aquajets please email us at lemooreaquajets@hotmail.com